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Special Issue: Water, Gender and Disability
Edited by Alan Nicol, Sylvie Cordier and Floriane Clement


Volume 5, Issue4, 2017
 South Asian Water Studies 
 Volume 5, Issue 4, 2017
Alan Nicol, Sylvie Cordier and Floriane Clement
Volume 5, Issue 4, 2017

Original Articles

Planning for inclusion: exploring access to WASH for women and men with disabilities in Jaffna District, Sri Lanka
Clare Hanley, Tarryn Brown, Naomi Niroshinie Nayagam, Vellayan Subramaniam, Samantha De Mel, Arunasalam Sureshkumar
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Breaking down Barriers: Gender and Disability in Access to Agricultural Water Management in Nepal
Otto Max Hoffmann, Saroj Yakami, Dr. Shiva Chandra Dhakal
Full Text-PDF

The Gender Gap between Water Management and Water Users: Evidence from Southwest Bangladesh
Marie-Charlotte Buisson, Jayne Curnow, Farhat Naz
Full Text-PDF

Are policies enough to mainstream Gender in water and sanitation programs? Experiences from community managed drinking water supply schemes in India
Snehalatha Mekala
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Engendering Change: Overcoming Difference and Disability
Sara Ahmed
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Book Reviews

Gender Issues in Water and Sanitation Programmes: Lessons from India
Stephanie Leder
Full Text-PDF

Disability and Disaster: What is the link?
Hannah Kuper
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Karhera – A Photo Book
Nivedita Mani
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