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SAWAS aims to provide space for creative and free thinking on water, fostering debate, eliciting innovative alternatives, promoting original analyses and constructive critiques.

The articles, opinions and book reviews should be written preferably in English. Authors with English as a second language may choose to have their manuscripts professionally edited before submission to improve the English, as papers with poor expression will not be accepted.

Guidelines for Authors

Chief Editor
Dr. Anjal Prakash

Managing Editor
Monica Priya

Current Issue (Special issue)


Volume 5, Issue 3, 2016
 South Asian Water Studies 
 Volume5, Issue 3, 2016
Vishal Narain, Sumit Vij
Volume5, Issue 3, 2016


Critical Review

Understanding and governing the peri-urban: some critical reflections
Dik Roth

Down the drain: the tragedy of the disappearing urban commons of Bengaluru
Hita Unnikrishnan, Seema Mundoli, B. Manjunatha, Harini Nagendra

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Original Articles

Governance of flooding risks in informal settlements in satellite cities in the Mumbai region
Nidhi Subramanyam, Charlotte MacAlister
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Urbanization, climate change, and water (in)security in peri-urban areas of postearthquake Kathmandu valley
Anushiya Shrestha, Rajesh Sada
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Urban political ecology of water in Darjeeling, India
Gopa Samanta, Kaberi Koner
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Rural to urban groundwater market: demand management option vs. environmental sustainability
Prakash Nelliyat
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Knowledge incompatibilities and decline of common property resources: a case study of rainwater harvesting systems in urban Bikaner
Anushree Singh
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Applicability of decentralized, small-scale vs. centralized, large-scale Sewage Treatment Plants for urban sanitation: a case study from Sri Lanka
S. Thrikawala, M. I. Sudasinghe, L.W. Galagedara, E.R.N. Gunawardena, N.C. Narayanan
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Recognizing sustainability frontiers in the peri-urban
Fiona Marshall
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Institutional approaches to peri-urban research: added value and conceptual approach
Sharlene L. Gomes , Leon M. Hermans
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The waterscapes of governance
Sahil Patni, Kala Bada
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Book Reviews

New slow city- living simply in the world's fastest city
Denise Fernandes
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Conflicts over natural resources in the global south: conceptual approaches
Nihar Gokhale
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Neoliberalism and water: complicating the story of reforms in Maharashtra
Aditya Kumar Singh
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